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Four Reasons to Should Consider Using Video CVs

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Four Reasons to Should Consider Using Video CVs

For a long time, resumes have been the default way for candidates to sell their unique qualities and skills to employers. While they may come in countless formats, they are often lacking in the unique voice or tone of candidates. Also, there exist paid services for resume creators which means any person can have a stellar resume with the right buzzwords even when they are lacking in some critical areas. 

This is why recruiters are often left disappointed when they finally meet the person behind the stellar resume. Yes, the resume may be well-articulated capturing all you want in an ideal candidate but on the interview day, you notice the candidate’s personality is off, they find it difficult expressing themselves, look barely enthusiastic, and exude low self-confidence.

Using video CVs presents an interesting way to avoid/reduce scenarios like above. As the name implies, video CVs involve recording a video explaining one’s bio, achievements, and unique offerings. It is an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate traits that go beyond the technical skills listed on the CV. Applicants also get to deliver a more personalized version of their CV. Video CVs are particularly helpful for customer-facing roles such as in media and marketing.

Here are four reasons why video CVs are a great tool to consider for your recruitment process;

Saves time

In the scenario above, the time spent on the interview day can be saved by reviewing video CVs before proceeding to the real interview. While resumes can be written by professionals and fine-tuned to the highest quality, candidates have to do video CVs themselves. It is therefore easier to get a glimpse of the candidate before considering moving to the next stage. 

Presents an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s confidence

Video CVs make it easier to gauge the candidate’s confidence before meeting them in person. You can easily check if they maintain eye contact, sit upright, or other visual cues that speak of confidence. 

Highlights certain skills

Resumes are often populated with buzzwords highlighting different skills that make candidates look great on paper. For someone who says they are an ‘excellent communicator’, there is no better way to check this than when you see the person at the interview or on their video CV. This is particularly important for human-facing roles that require candidates that are great at communicating.

Reduces Misrepresentation

In line with other points made above, there is little room for misrepresentation on a video CV. The candidate can’t hire someone else to do it for them. Of course, they may practice several times or enlist a tutor but ultimately, they have to be in front of the camera in person. This helps the recruiter to see a more authentic version of candidates as opposed to the attributes listed on a well-polished, conventional CV.

Depending on the role, a recruiter may prefer video CVs instead of the conventional resume. This can be ideal for lower-level roles that have to be quickly filled. Recruiters may ask candidates to respond to some pre-interview questions with a video CV.

At CligoHR, we seek to make recruitment easier and faster. Part of our service offerings includes the use of video CVs where applicants can easily upload a video CV to connect with the recruiter. This is together with a smooth backend space to track the recruitment process seamlessly from start to finish. 

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